Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How To Make Your Own Personalized Drink Coasters?

Create a wonderful work of art by making your own drink coasters that you can share with your families and loved ones. Nothing can surely beat your own creation. If you are a budget conscious person but got lots of time to make your own party favor and here is our way of helping you on how to make your first personalized coasters.

Here are some basic steps for you to follow and see the amazing results:

First, you have to choose what type of material that you want to use to make your drink coaster. You can use wood, tile, paper or cork. It can be purchased from any local store or hardware.

Second, you can cut the chosen material according to the desired shape. Circle or square is the usual shape of a coaster. You can also have other shapes such as heart, oval and many others. There are lots of shapes to choose from as long as you have the pattern in order to get the right cut in making one.

Third, you can choose a design that will match your party, home or wedding theme. You can have any design, anything under the sun, to make your coaster attractive and interesting for everyone to see and enjoy. Make sure to choose a design that reflects your personal taste and style.

Fourth, you can decorate your drink coasters and use many methods. You can have personalized coasters by using stamps depending on the material being used to make coasters. You can also paint on it or paste pictures cut from any magazines. Your personal pictures can be a great design too. Photo coasters will make a great favor. Having your pictures on the coasters will make a unique item to give or share with your guests.

Fifth, you may repeat the process until desired number of drink coasters are achieved. You can also make it more personalized by having your name and date of event printed on top of your coasters. You have a choice to wrap it and add some thank you tags. Or if for personal use you can just simply use it right away for your family to see and appreciate your work of art. But for painted coasters it may take some few days before you can actually use it. You have to allow the paint to dry first. You have the options to try all the methods mentioned for you to actually see the difference among them.

Now that you have created your first personalized drink coasters, you may now enjoy drinking your favorite beverage without the need to worry about ring marks, stains or scratches.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Advantages of Personalized Coasters

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of favor that you can truly be proud of sharing with your families and guests then you might want to consider having personalized coasters. With this type of favor, you can surely make everyone happy. Aside from making them smile, here are some of its advantages of choosing this product:


This will make your wedding favor unique and personalized by having your name, date of event or even your short message on top of each glass coaster. It will serve as a great reminder to your guests of your special day. Make your favor special by giving your personal touch to it.


It is so handy that you can bring it anywhere you like it. So convenient for couples who are going to hold their weddings in secluded or remote areas. Glass drink coasters will perfectly fit for your long distance wedding venue.


For budget conscious people then this is the right favor to choose. Affordable yet elegant that can make your wedding truly special. You can definitely enjoy beautiful favor without the need to spend too much. Why spend big when you can save and at the same have a great favor that everybody will love.


Great thing about drink coasters is that then can be bought or ordered in many online stores. All you need to do is to choose the right design, style or type that will perfectly suit your sensitive taste.


There are lots of designs to choose from. Personalized coasters can be a fantastic favor not just for weddings but for birthdays, anniversaries, baptismal, and many more.

Now that you have an idea of the advantages of personalized coasters, you will absolutely love to make this product a part of your important event or milestone in your life.